THE GOOD IRANIAN is a surprising twist on the modern gangster genre. Instead of men, we meet a group of women who have as much to prove and fight for as the characters in classics such as THE GODFATHER TRILOGY, MEAN STREETS, DONNIE BRASCO, or ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA. Women are the tougher sex. They are more complex, contradictory and, once threatened, more treacherous. Narratives set in this landscape are rarely explored from a female perspective – power, maternal abandonment, betrayal and deception.

THE GOOD IRANIAN shows sisterhood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The women we find on the screen are nuanced, surprising… subversives. Seductive and complex, they serve as a more truthful representation of women from Iran – these women are fierce!

With a cracking period soundtrack, THE GOOD IRANIAN is a mythical thriller which, like A PROPHET, CARLOS, or MESRINE can successfully play in European territories both as a mainstream crime drama and as an art-house thriller. This elevated genre film will have strong mainstream appeal to those who love a gangster tale as well as to the under-served Middle Eastern, Asian and female audiences. Using character-centered storytelling THE GOOD IRANIAN will allow us to make a long-overdue ride into an infrequently explored realm.